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What do our customers think of our software?

Derek Pakis,
Molloy Sales Group

"VERY POSITIVE. The best part about this is the support team behind the software. I am new to GR so it is so CLUTCH having a team to reach out to when i am stuck in the mud. They have each helped me at various stages in implementing marketing funnels for my client. They are very responsive and I can always count on them to help me get things to the finish live. You guys make me look good! Thank you very much for your help and support. You guys rock!"

Garry Martin,

"GreenRope just works the way you do...sure there is customization to be done, but the excellent support and online tutorials make it so easy. Forget sales enablement and email platform add-ons to supplement your CRM, it is all built in with GreenRope. Not only is it the best CRM I have worked with it is definitely the most cost effective. Pricing is based on the number of contacts in your database, not the number of user seats. I feel that GreenRope is totally aligned with my business, as I grow my customer base and increase my sales revenue, then my cost to manage that larger contact base increases accordingly."

Mark Madans,
HOCOA North Atlanta

"There are so many ways this software platform can help your business. It is a learning process on how to best get the most out of it. I love the broad set of features and the way so many things can be automated. Specifically, the CRM component of this software platform is so robust and functional. We are able to use the CRM (which is the backbone of the platform) to do the normal CRM activity tracking AND so much more. The CRM uses a group set up process to keep your contacts organized. This structure enables a number of automated functions to be triggered by group as well as giving different levels of visibility to the group or contact. This functionality enables the building of community among group members or oversight and management of activities by group members."

Shoan Snoday,
Coach Marketing Mastery

"Greenrope allows me to run my complete business from stem to stern without having to purchase any other unnecessary software applications. I can run all of my events and memberships with the click of a button and ease of use."

Lew Everling,
Whiners Fat Guys and Wives

"I love that it offers so much power in customer service management and marketing tools. It is a one stop shop and does not require me to go to multiple vendors. Plus their customer service listens and adapts to the needs and suggestions of others. So powerful and beats the competition hands down."

Vanessa Fleur,
Sensi Magazine

"As a sales, marketing, and business development professional, I have used pretty much every solution on the market. Greenrope is THE best all-in-one system for managing your business. No more jumping from Salesforce, to Hubspot, to Constant Constant or Mailchimp, and on and on. Greenrope can replace them all and make your processes flow easier and even automated. If you are in the market for a new solution I highly recommend you try this one."

Laurie Ganz,

"Email marketing, event management, membership management, analytics and workflows all in one place! There aren't many CRM's that also handle email marketing and tie in registration for events. I love that I can do everything all in one place and pull up individual profiles to track their email reads, memberships purchased and events attended. The customer support is also exceptional. It never takes more than a few hours for them to get back to you, and you can always use the online chat for even faster responses."

John Nachtrieb,
Barcode-Test LLC

"GR is a full solution all in one--a smaller company can grow into it and a big company can integrate their entire CRM and sales process with it"

Shanda Escoto,
IT Mentor Apps

"I sure wish I had GreenRope available to me years ago. GreenRope simply blows away the other programs I've seen. I'm so glad I've been able to eliminate Aweber, Survey Monkey, and BaseCamp and streamline my business!"

Nicolo Becucci,
Crepes & Corks

"We have been using GreenRope for our website and Customer Relationship Management for a few years now and find it extremely helpful and user friendly, not to mention cost effective in compared to competitors. Sending our monthly and weekly event advertisements has never been easier, all while being able to post directly to our website and social media from one dashboard."

Dr. Kyle Tetz,

"GreenRope has enabled my chiropractic practice to effectively put in place a marketing campaign and educate my patients with personalized monthly wellness newsletters. Within in minutes, I can easily design a professional newsletter and monitor my campaign by using GreenRope's tracking system. I routinely use GreenRope to stay in touch with my clients by sending welcome letters, thank you notes and birthday cards. In the past, I have outsourced my marketing campaigns, but nothing has been easier to use and more cost effective than GreenRope."

Dr. Scott Velazquez,

"GreenRope's features are extremely well-integrated with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface without the unnecessary complexity and long learning curve of other solutions. Furthermore, tech support has been top notch (e.g., responses often within minutes, personal attention)."

Barbara Cavanaugh,
Allstate World Cargo

"First of all, thanks for helping us get our information into GreenRope. It is fantastic! Thanks again, this is so much easier than any other CRM. Plus, we really appreciate all of the support."

Andrea Hill,
Strategy Werx

"Would it be weird to say I love you guys? Thank you!!!"

Ryan Terrell,

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Gary Ware,
Vice President

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Sean McDaniel,

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