CRM for Education

GreenRope offers a comprehensive solution perfect for higher education institutions looking to optimize engagement and successfully manage student, alumni and other affiliated relationships.

From managing relationships to improving and boosting your marketing strategy, GreenRope’s Complete CRM is an all-in-one tool designed to help you grow and expand.

Recruit & Enroll

  • Engage and enroll the best students for your institution.
  • Effectively segment your database and convey your institutional strength to prospective students, families, and other affiliated relationships.

Improve Communication

  • Share information across departments.
  • Deliver timely resources to students, alumni, donors, etc.
  • Streamline how you communicate with students & their parents.
  • Create personalized messages based on filters and specific criteria.

Manage & Track

  • Effectively manage relationships throughout the entire journey whether they are community leaders, alumni, donors, or students.
  • Track student progress from the application progress to graduation.
  • Gain valuable insights on the student journey and contact engagement with your institution.

Deepen Relationships

  • Strengthen your institutional identity and develop long-standing relationships for years to come.
  • Instill confidence and trust in your institution by delivering personalized, efficient, and relevant experiences.

Automate & Optimize

  • Increase collaboration between departments and streamline how your team communicates.
  • Engage with your students and other contacts more efficiently with automation.
  • Deliver winning experiences for you and your students when you implement the right technology.