Save money with per-contact pricing

If you are currently paying per-user, then you need to read this Q&A. It will not only save you money, but save your CRM and marketing automation initiatives as well.

What’s the difference between per-user and per-contact pricing?

Per-user pricing is when a company charges you for each seat or user that has access to a platform. This means you are paying for every team member to have their own logins and passwords. Per-contact pricing means that you pay for the number of contacts stored in your system. Per-user pricing typically comes out to be much higher than per-contact pricing.

Why is per-user pricing so detrimental?

With per-user pricing, you must pay for each person to have their own login and password to the system. Oftentimes, to save money, companies will have employees share logins. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem when it comes to team management and accountability.

Top 5 problems with per-user pricing:

  • Cost prohibitive & can significantly increase your total cost of ownership
  • Shared logins means a loss in transparency and accountability
  • Decreases the likelihood of successful CRM adoption
  • Can’t restrict access permissions
  • Weakens overall business management

How does per-contact pricing work?

Per-contact pricing is a great choice for businesses that want full tracking and effective management of their business. Per-contact pricing means you are paying for the number of billable contacts in your CRM, and not per-user. This pricing structure is based on the growth of your business, NOT the number of employees you have. No matter what, all of your employees are free, and you are only billed as your contact database grows. This model is much better suited for new and growing businesses.

Why is per-contact pricing the subscription model of the future?

The per-contact pricing model allows a business to onboard their entire team with full transparency into what’s going on internally and with customers. A successful CRM initiative requires a full commitment from all employees to actively use the platform. This means everyone should have their own logins with the specific permissions they need to effectively do their jobs. Per-contact pricing saves businesses money and helps them avoid shared logins.

Top 5 benefits of per-contact pricing:

  • Each team has their own login & password with customizable access permissions
  • Total accountability across your entire department
  • Save money, while increasing productivity and effectiveness
  • Only pay for billable contacts
  • Increase the success rate of your CRM initiative

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