Integrated project management software to streamline productivity

GreenRope Project Management Software

GreenRope's integrated project management features is an easy way to manage your team's projects and view all progress in one place. Efficiently create, assign, and track team projects, projects associated with clients, billable hours, and more all from your CRM. Plus, there are many ways to customize the project manager to work for your specific business needs.

Track project progress with the drag-and-drop Kanban board.

Why use a different program for every part of your business when you can easily manage projects with GreenRope’s Kanban board? The Kanban system helps you visualize, collaborate, and track your team’s tasks using our advanced drag-and-drop board.

Set up custom columns that show the progress of each task and filter by each project or show all tasks, making it as granular as you need. Inside each task, leave comments for review, set budgeted hours, and much more.

Now, you can end those boring status update meetings and focus on what matters - your projects.

Kanban Project Management Software

Encourage teamwork and transparency with cross-functional projects

Project Management details

If you have a cross-functional team, the Kanban board allows you to keep detailed notes and project updates in one place. The team leader can assign tasks to others on the team and even a client with login access to the project. This keeps everyone on top of their tasks and avoids work duplication. Set deadlines, relative due dates, and milestones so everyone on your team will be informed of all future and past deadlines. Having deadlines in one place keeps everyone aware and accountable for their tasks.

Easily assign tasks and create to-do lists

Creating, assigning, and tracking tasks and projects is easy. All messages, posts, and notes are stored in one spot. Your team and clients can contribute to the conversation and update projects quickly and easily. Add budgeted hours for each task, define deadlines, send email reminders and notifications, and categorize your projects and tasks.

CRM project management software

Never miss a deadline and stay on top of your tasks

Project task reminder

You can assign tasks and deadlines so everyone on your team will be informed of all future and past deadlines. Having all deadlines in one place keeps everyone aware and accountable, making productivity that much easier.

Keep your progress reports consistent when you utilize predefined project templates

Do you already have a set process for managing clients, projects, or complex events? Make updating projects with that information easy by creating predefined templates. It's simple - projects and tasks can be relative to each other (e.g., a progress report due 3 weeks after a project start) and can be copied.

Project updates

Project Manager Hours

Easily manage project hours submitted

The project manager allows you to see the time your team is allotting for each project at a glance. By viewing each team member's breakdown by hours per day, you can get a better scope of how they have spent their time, and/or how their time can potentially be put to better use in the future. This feature is also useful for keeping track of employee hours for payroll purposes and keeping track of billable hours for invoiced projects.

Use the project timer for accurate project tracking

Tracking how much time you spend on your projects is a simple endeavor with the project timer. The project timer gives you a fresh browser tab where you can keep track of not only the amount of time you spend but also any notes you may need to take as they relate to your project and submit your update to the project manager. The project timer adds another layer of organization and will help you stay on top of your day!

Copy tasks in project management